Monday, September 10, 2012

August Hits & Misses!

I'm back with the videos! Finally got me my new computer ;)
*I know i'm a bit late I filmed this last week and am barely getting it up -_- stayed tuned for my next viddie :P
Thanks for watching loves<3

Products Mentioned:
1. Physician's Formula Eye Booster:
     --Deep Brown
    ---Ultra Black
(Purchased @ Walmart)

2. Lime Crime Uniliners
  --6th Element
(Purchased @

3. Sugarpill Eyeshadows
   --Love +
   -- 2 am
(Purchased @

4. Milani One Coat Glitter Nail Polist
(Purchased @ Target)

5. Salon Sciences Artifical Nails
(Purchased @ Sally's Beauty Supply)

6. Rock Top Coat
(Purchased @ Sally's Beauty Supply)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rusted Smokey Eye

A couple months ago my good friend asked me to do her makeup for a party. I've been doing my friends makeup since back in high school for her proms/formals :) anyway she was going to be wearing a salmon pink shirt and wanted her makeup to reflect a bit of that. We decided to go for a  rusted smokey look.


I dont remember the exact products I used but I will do my best to list what I remember
MAC Paradisco
MAC Coppering
MAC Carbon
MAC Pink Venus
MAC Bamboo
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Dior Diorshow Mascara (her own)
Ardell Lashes

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35 (her own)
MAC Translucent Powder
MAC Ginger Blush
MAC Sculpt

Full face shot has bad lighting/camera quality and doesn't really show the blush she took it herself to post on instagram and then sent it to me haha
I think the shadows work really well together and she was really happy with the result. I personally don't like the way the liner turned out. I don't like blacktrack because of the fact that it can look dry and doesn't always give a crisp line. I would probably use liquid liner on her next time.

Thanks for reading loves!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Parting with makeup is hard to do...

I'm pretty sure a bit of a hoarding gene (if that even existed) is in my DNA. My dad has hundreds of tools and buys more sometimes and has the hardest time in the world giving them up when my Mom gets sick of the mess they make in the storage area. While I'll admit I tend to be reluctant to throwing things away and try to convince myself that I'll find a use for them elsewhere, I have these feelings especially when it comes to makeup...and the worst problem of all is I buy more than I use.

I did complete a few project 10 pans but I still get gimmicked by brands and feel this impulse to get the "latest and greatest" especially when it comes to limited edition items. Brands encourage you to have this "if i don't buy this now i'll never get it again" attitude, which let's face it is great marketing but not so good for our wallets.

My own makeup collection is pretty large and sadly half of it I don't even use -_-. I recently did some "spring" cleaning. I threw out certain items like mascara or concealers etc that I haven't used in the past year that I had no need for. I had a lot of other products like eyeshadows etc that I hadn't had for very long that were neglected. A lot of bloggers have blog sales to get rid of products that are still good and barely used that they have no need for. Personally I didn't feel like  doing one because it takes a while to sell all your stuff and I didn't feel like spending the time to ship things off to people. I decided to give the good stuff to one of my good friends/future roommate. She was so excited when I handed her the bag full of stuff she immediately rummaged through it trying all the stuff on. I was a really nice feeling to see someone use those items (and trust me she got some great stuff...a UD Black palette that I hardly touched, a unopened Blacktrack, some Milani Blushes, some lippies etc)

Anyway this whole ordeal really got me thinking:
 I don't NEED the latest and greatest products.
There are ALWAYS going to be limited edition products
There is ALWAYS something new

I need to use and appreciate what I have. I have a lot of makeup that is going to take me YEARS to finish. Why am I in such a rush to buy more? Yes I like the feeling of buying new makeup and I'm not trying to judge anyone for buying new makeup but I don't need to be spending this money. 
I would rather spend that money on my gym membership and healthy food so that I can keep my body healthy instead.

I recently purchased some products from Sephora and I spent a total of $55 (mostly to get the free shipping) and I'm planning on returning one of the nail polishes because I don't need it either.
Those last two products which I'll probably review later, are the last purchases I'm going to make for a while. I really want to make a focus to shop my stash and use what I have. I need to start putting a dent in my current products before even thinking about buying other stuff. The only products I will probably end up buying is foundation since that's something that I will run out of fairly soon eventually. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello! :)

Happy July everyone!!
I haven't posted on here in forever, since early march/late February I think? I'm sure some of you have forgotten about me :P but that's okay haha
I made a decision not to blog a couple of months ago because I have been super focused on school for the past year. I have literally taken classes every single semester and intercession my community college offered to achieve my goal and freaking get out of there and go to my dream school. This my first summer off in a while and I'm very happy and excited to attend my new school in the fall. I worked my ass of to get into the school of my dreams and I'm so excited for  it to be coming all together!
With that being said I have missed discussing and reviewing makeup!
When my almost 4 year old Macbook Pro died a horrible death about 6 months ago, I didn't really have a computer to use to edit photos on and definitely did not have a computer to edit videos on so I got really demotivated to do any blogging. on top of that, I was taking some hard classes and had to dedicate a lot of time to my studies so with all that I wanted to take a hiatus.
Now, I'm planning to start up again  :) I wont have any vids up since I still am Apple computerless but I'm in the process of saving up and I have a temporary PC laptop to use for now!
I'm excited to share some looks with you :) as well as sharing some of the looks I have done on other people!

Anyway take care<3


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long time no talk!

Hey lovely readers!
It's been a while huh?
I haven't been active on here for a while now, and i've noticed that I have gained quite a few followers! So welcome and thank you!
I've been on here every few weeks to keep up to date with blogs i'm subscribed too but apart from that I've been super busy!
The past few months have been very crazy for me. I've been taking more units than ever at school, I also applied to 4 year colleges and I also have an active puppy to take care of. Apart from all that I've been experiencing some health concerns of my own that I"m still dealing with.
With all of that going on I haven't had a lot of time to blog. Blogging is really fun for me and I like writing up reviews but right now I have other things in my life that come first.
Since I'm finally getting ready to transfer, I'm focusing more than ever on school. Last semester I was taking 15 units, I am currently finishing up my winter session and I'm taking last class that I need to transfer so I need to make sure I not only pass but pass with a good grade to keep up my GPA. Next semester I am taking 14 units.
With all of that going on, planning posts and writing up reviews which takes a good amount of time for me just really isn't feasible right now.
I am however not shutting down my blog.
I did take a course on makeup artistry not only for my own knowledge but to actually work as a makeup artist.
On the time when I am not studying, or training/caring for my dog, I am doing part time work as a makeup artist.
When I first started blogging, the focus of this blog was product reviews and make up tips, etc. Basically a little bit of everything. Now I'm going to shift the focus of the blog to a place where I can showcase makeup I've done on other people, and my personal EOTDs, MOTDs etc.
However, if anyone is interested in doing GUEST POSTS for me on product reviews etc. Please email me and we'll figure something out.
I love being a part of the makeup community and love talking with all you lovely ladies! I've met some great people through my "hobby" and I'm not planning on abandoning anything soon.
I just know that I need to step back a bit and focus more getting to the next level of my education :)

Good News is the Makeup Show LA is next month! As well as my birthday! woohoo!
I'll most likely be putting up some pictures :D and then IMATS will be coming up! It's an exciting time but a wallet killing time T-T

well lovelies that is all the time I have for now!
stay tuned and thanks for sticking around<3

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Series: Holly Days EOTD/FOTD

Happy December everyone! :D
Holiday season is in full swing and in the spirit of joy I've planned a Holiday series to showcase some holiday EOTDs. I will not be limited to christmas! I am well aware that although Christmas is a huge holiday that many people celebrate all over the world, it is not the only holiday that is occurring around this time. Therefore in my series I plan to include other holidays as well.
Now for this first post I have a Christmas themed EOTD/FOTD.. yes you read that correctly FOTD! My very first :)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately my camera so graciously decided to wash out the colors that I was wearing on my face -___- however I'll still include them and next time hopefully I'll cake it on well enough that it will show!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Favorites!

I've been MIA for a while now, I know. I posted a while ago about my puppy and how busy she's kept me, which is true but a long with school and other stuff to be honest I just didn't feel motivated to blog. I do like blogging but last thing I think any blogger wants to feel is obligated just because. I blog because it makes me happy and I love sharing but I wouldn't want to dish out "blah" posts just because I feel I should. I found myself having to think hard of things to come up with and had posts planned but didn't follow through because I didn't have a passion for those posts.
But be assured however, that this post is not a blah post! After being away I have a renewed energy to share and am very happy to be blogging :) Although I must be honest, since it's holiday season I won't be posting as consistently.

Anyway let's get into the meat and potatoes:

Pictures :) and Video is at the bottom featuring a special favorite of the month :D
PS. the lighting on my video is crazyy I know -___- I apologize for this I'm working on getting a better camera xD


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